I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day dinner with friends and family. Did you top it off with pumpkin pie? Perhaps you sampled the apple, cherry, and chocolate cream pies, too? This is why we must keep hiking friends.

Of course pumpkin pie is high in Vitamin A and fiber, so feel good about splurging.

This month I whipped up a couple of new treats based on my Pumpkin Pie Bark Recipe. Pumpkin Pie Bark is great for snacking. It goes in like a chip and down like pie. Or, you can combine it with hot or cold water to make a crust-less pumpkin pie. Think of it as healthy pudding.

Basic Pumpkin Pie Bark is made with pumpkin, real maple syrup, and pumpkin pie spice.

Cherry Chocolate "Moose" Pie Bark

For chocolate lovers, Cherry Chocolate “Moose” Pie Bark combines pumpkin, fresh cherries, and chocolate syrup made from cocoa powder. Chewing Cherry Chocolate “Moose” Pie Bark reminds me of eating a Tootsie-Roll.

The new Granny Smith’s Pumpkin Apple Pie Bark includes pumpkin, a fresh apple, maple syrup, and apple pie spice. You will love the tangy apple flavor that comes through when you chew.

These new Barks dry to a leathery sheet that is easy to tear into pieces. Basic Pumpkin Pie Bark is more chip-like.

Visit the updated Pumpkin Pie Bark web page to see photos and instructions for these new recipes.

I still owe you a newsletter about drying Marinara Sauce, and I promise it will come shortly along with my recipe for Unstuffed Peppers.

I wish you good eating on and off the trail.

Best regards,

Glenn McAllister