Appalachian Trail Journal Day 11

Beauty Spot Gap to Uncle Johnny’s Nolichucky Hostel, Erwin, TN - Food Drop

10.8 miles

The trail to Johnny’s was mostly downhill, but strewn with rocks and roots. It’s hard to look up with such an obstacle course underfoot. Beauty Spot offered nice views of Erwin down in the valley with mountains rising on the other side. The sun bore down today with no mitigating breeze. I stopped and pumped water twice before arriving at Curley Maple Gap Shelter for lunch- Bean Bark Stew.

Drained by the heat and humidity, I gulped a Gatorade as soon as I got to Johnny’s. I had hurried the last couple of miles to reach Johnny’s in time for the dinner shuttle into town, but when I got there I was too tired to go. A thru-hiker seated at the table on the front porch offered me some free food which he obtained from a convenience store that was getting ready to dispose of it. I gladly accepted a ham & cheese panini and two corn dogs. Not exactly healthy, but it was convenient. For dessert, I downed a Yoo-hoo and one of Johnny’s famous forty-cent Snicker Bars. The mood on the front porch of Johnny’s was festive, but I was too pooped to socialize. After washing my clothes and taking a shower, I ducked into my private cabin.

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