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Trail Bytes January 2013
January 31, 2013

I have reached a Katahdin moment. No, I haven’t hiked the whole Appalachian Trail yet, but I have climbed another mountain of sorts:

My e-book, Recipes for Adventure, is ready!

Here’s a quick history:

In 2009 I hiked on the Appalachian Trail through Tennessee and North Carolina. In 2010 I went back and hiked a big chunk of Virginia. Before those backpacking trips, I became well acquainted with my Excalibur Dehydrator and developed a system of dehydrating food and assembling it into delicious meals. Other than the occasional burger and pint of ice cream in a trail town, I dried and packed all my own food for those month-long adventures.

Shortly after I returned from the 2010 hike, a little bird flew over the Atlantic and asked me to come have a look at the Alps. I married that little bird, Dominique, and have been writing mostly from Switzerland for the past two years. The folks at Excalibur were kind enough to send me a dehydrator to continue my experiments. I plan to share some stories about Switzerland in future newsletters.

Last February I announced that Recipes for Adventure was coming soon. Well, it took a bit longer than expected! I had to learn how to format a book and I kept experimenting and adding more information. I finally figured out the secret to dehydrating scrambled eggs and I share it in the book.

The e-book is 250 pages with 200+ photos and over 75 recipes.

From the Mail Bag:

Just a quick note, IT'S AWESOME! Looks great, worth the wait! –Ryan

I cannot thank you enough for assembling such a terrific volume of information! Your notes have already completely changed the way my husband and I camp and hike. Our new dream now is to experiment with long distance sailing so this information will be extremely useful for that activity as well. The book is very complete, thoughtfully organized, and wonderfully detailed. I can't wait to try some new things. Thank you and I wish you and your wife many, many more miles and smiles. –Kellie

Introductory Offer:

Purchase Recipes for Adventure at the introductory price of $9.95 until February 8th.

After February 8th, the price will be $14.95.

Visit Recipes for Adventure to view the table of contents and several chapter introductions. Click the “Add to Cart” button on the webpage to purchase the e-book. Thank you very much.

Next month, Trail Bytes will get back to the usual format of sharing interesting stories and covering backpacking food dehydrating techniques. Please reply to this newsletter if you have any comments or would like to suggest topics for future newsletters.

Warmest regards,

Chef Glenn & Dominique

PS- That’s me on the cover. I was in Maine a few years back and couldn’t resist the chance to check out the view. We’ll return to Katahdin for an "official" photo when we finish the rest of the trail. But first, Dominique and I will take a blue-blaze through the Jura Mountains in Switzerland.

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