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The individual recipe PDF print feature has been replaced by Recipes for Adventure which is available as an e-book or printed book.

From the Mail Bag:

"I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your great recipes! Not only are they great for on the go, but they are also great to do ahead so my family can eat nutritious meals when I'm not around. Your website and blog has been a pleasure to read!"-Val

"Every time I return to your site, I find more useful info. Thanks for taking the time that you spend on this. A couple of trips ago, I tried the Ratatouille. It was so good. On my next trip I didn't have the time to prepare meals so I just used a couple of Mountain House meals. They were okay, but not as satisfying." -Brian

"I was looking for ways to use dehydrated vegetables when I found your website. Great ideas, explanations, and pictures! Keep up the good work." –Susan

"I've done some extensive camping in several states, Canada and South America, as well as canoeing the boundary waters. Preparing, storing and packing food is always a challenge. But after reading through your site, I am humbled. You have THE BEST site, tips, guides, recipes, etc, I've ever seen. My future trips will be significantly more enjoyable from now on because of what you've put out here. AWESOME job! Keep up the great work." -Harold

"You were the inspiration for me to begin using a dehydrator and drying our food for camping. I enjoy your website a great deal. We toasted you when we were packing up the car at the trailhead. Thanks for all the great information and keep it coming." -Wendy

Thank you!

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