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Trail Bytes, May 2024: Dehydrating Pears & Pear Fruit Leather | Fun Projects
May 31, 2024

It’s been a fruitful month in the Backpacking Chef Swiss Kitchen. Without delay, I’ll shoot you over to the new projects on the website:

Dehydrating Pears & Pear Fruit Leather | Fun Projects

You’re going to love the Blueberry Crunch Pear Pudding!

Chef Glenn loves fruit pudding!

Dehydrating Peaches & Peach Fruit Leather | Fun Projects

I added some new peach fruit leather recipes and a tasty Peach-Pear Pudding.

I’ve also been working on Figgy Pudding Pops this month. They are something like a cross between fruit leathers and energy bars. So far, I have made them in pear, banana, and sweet potato flavors. And they can be rehydrated back into pudding. I ate a lot of pudding this month.

We rolled them out to family on a recent hike and everybody loved them. My marathon-running son-in-law is testing them now as a high calorie, quick-to-digest alternative to eat in place of one or two of his energy gels.

That will be the topic for next month's Trail Bytes. Stay tuned…

Freundliche Grüsse,

Chef Glenn & Dominique

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