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May 2022 Trail Bytes: Tuna Zuppa, Apricot-Mint Salsa
May 21, 2022

It seemed a good idea, after writing a page about tuna backpacking recipes, to follow that up with something minty. Let’s face it, tuna stinks. Some people in the Backpacking Chef Facebook Community think the convenient tuna pouches smell like cat food, some avoid taking tuna into bear country, and others can’t bear the smell of hot-tuna air blowing out of their dehydrator.

Yet tuna remains a staple food on the trail, the tuna-mayo tortilla being the classic lunch of champions, although super troopers go for sardines. I’m in the happy tuna campers group, but until recently, I was satisfied with Tuna Mac & Cheese for dinners, and Tuna & Pasta San Marzano for cold-soak lunches. I wasn’t planning on exploring tuna much further, but in came a recipe from Sandra Wolgast in Norway. Sandra’s recipe for Pasta with Tuna Sauce is full of vegetables with a tomato base and lots of basil and garlic.

Sandra’s creation inspired me to take another turn with tuna, and now the collection includes Tuna & Rice with Vegetables, Tuna Zuppa, and Tuna Salsa Salad. You’ll find all this tuna goodness on the new page:

Tuna Backpacking Recipes

Apricots hit the grocery store this month, which made Dominique happy, since apricots are her favorite fruit. Over the past two weeks, I went back several times for more apricots to keep the dehydrator humming. Dominique wondered if I might dry them all, but she was the first to taste-test my Apricot-Mint Salsa Rice Salad on a hike last Sunday.

The resulting apricot report includes instructions for dehydrating apricots, recipes for Apricot-Mint and Apricot-Ginger Fruit Leather, and a recipe for Apricot-Mint Salsa—which you can take to your next picnic, or dehydrate for the trail. You’ll find all this apricot and minty freshness on the new page:

Dehydrating Apricots

That’s a wrap for May. Next month we're experimenting with rhubarb. Dominique is baking a rhubarb cake today, having secured the recipe from a friend who gifted us with two slices last weekend. Would you like to share a recipe? I’m looking for the best strawberry-rhubarb fruit leather recipe, or anything to do with rhubarb, to show off in the next newsletter. Just hit reply and send it my way.

See you in June!

Freundliche Grüsse,

Chef Glenn & Dominique

P.S. If you have questions or comments, or would like to share a recipe, please reply to this email or use this contact form.

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