1001 Miles on the Appalachian Trail

Chef Glenn's Appalachian Trail Journal. Some say it's a love story.

1001 Miles on the Appalachian Trail is a story of adventure. Leaving the comfort of home behind, I lived exuberantly out in raw nature, drinking its tonic from pristine streams.

The mystery of what would come around the bend pulled me onward. It might be another person or a bear. Any meeting brought a smile to my face. The most dangerous encounter was with lightning on top of a mountain. I dared not smile while the storm raged, but afterwards, I relished the most satisfying grin of my entire life. Not only had I survived; I was more alive than before.

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Each night, under the light of my headlamp, I wrote down the details. Now, when I read the journal entries several years later, I'm carried back to the Appalachian Trail, to those adventurous days. Join me. I think you will enjoy the story. For folks who have hiked the trail before, the journal will rekindle fond memories. If you are new to the AT, this account will inform you of the trail’s challenges and rewards, and, if I have succeeded, inspire you to begin your own adventure.


"Reading 1001 Miles on the Appalachian Trail makes me want to do something adventurous." - Erin

"Received your book yesterday and just finished. Congratulations on such a wonderfully written book. It is a beautiful love story between you, Dominique, and nature." - Annette

"Hi Chef. I read your book about the trail and really enjoyed it. I hiked from Springer to the roller coaster in 2015 with your recipes. Thanks!" - Denis

"Glenn’s eloquently written journal entries paint vivid pictures of the wildness of the AT, the fascinating variety of characters he met along the way, and the unexpected love story that unfolded between Georgia and West Virginia." - Lindsey

"I enjoyed reading of your encounters with the hikers and colorful personalities in towns and on the trail. You have a good insight into people, and you make the effort to bring out their best, so that little miracles can be manifested. It seems life, and hiking, is about relationships with ourselves and those we meet. I liked reading of  your relationships with the journey/trail." - Bernie

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Here are a few scenes described in the book:

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"No matter the span of time or distance you tackle, the Appalachian Trail can change your life. It happens all the time. It happened to me." - Chef Glenn