Food Dehydrator Recipes for Making Bark

How to Make Bark like Sweet Potato Bark (shown), potato bark, bean bark, corn bark, and pumpkin pie bark.

What is Bark?

While working on food dehydrator recipes for mashed potatoes, I blended boiled potatoes and broth to a smoothie-like consistency and spread the mixture thinly on dehydrator trays. The potatoes dried into brittle sheets that easily broke into what I call, "Bark."

Potato bark tasted pretty good as a ready-to-eat snack, especially sweet potato bark, but with the addition of hot water, the bark reconstituted back into mashed potatoes. I varied the flavor by blending the potatoes with vegetable, chicken and beef broth.

One thing led to another, and soon I was blending and dehydrating other starchy foods like beans, creamed corn, pasta marinara, and pumpkin into bark.

Introduction to Food Dehydrator Recipes:  Dehydrated Sweet Potato Bark

Why Bark?

  • When you cook and rehydrate bark with other vegetables and meat, your backpacking meal turns into a thick stew with flavorful sauciness.
  • Because you make bark from starchy foods high in complex carbohydrates, your hearty meal will power you up the next mountain with calories to spare.
  • Bark makes a great backpacking food because it weighs in at a couple of ounces per serving dry. Ten pounds of potatoes barks down to just eleven ounces.
  • If you run out of fuel or water, you can munch on bark dry. Bark will reconstitute right in your mouth. Pumpkin pie bark goes in like a chip and down like pie!

Food Dehydrator Recipe: Bean Bark

Step-by-Step food dehydrator recipes for bark. Bean bark shown above.

Click any of the bark topics below for instructions and pictures showing how to make bark for backpacking meals and snacks:

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Find Food Dehydrator Recipes in Chef Glenn's Book, Recipes for Adventure.

In Recipes for Adventure, there are over 20 pages devoted to making bark. It includes all the instructions on the website, plus you'll find new ways to combine vegetables with potatoes to make bark.

Bark is the "secret sauce" in several of the book's recipes like Double A Root Bark Stew, Potato Vegetable Bark Stew, Fish & Chips Chowder, Enchilada Bean Bark Stew, and World Peas Bark Stew.

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