Rice Pudding

This rice pudding recipe is great for breakfast or as a backpacking dessert. Cook the rice at home in vanilla flavored almond milk and then dehydrate it.

At Home:

Combine one cup rice, two cups of Silk® Pure Almond Milk, plus one teaspoon vanilla sugar and bring to a boil. Soy milk can be used, but I prefer almond milk.

Reduce heat to low and simmer until rice is tender. Add ¼ cup more liquid if necessary.

Dehydrating Rice:

Spread cooked rice out on dehydrator trays covered with non-stick sheets, parchment paper or the liners that came with your unit. Dry the rice at 125° for approximately five hours. Dehydrating rice times vary with dehydrator models and humidity. Once or twice through the drying process, break up any rice that is stuck together. It’s not a problem if some rice remains stuck together since it will separate when you cook it on the trail. Rice will be hard when properly dried.

Yield: One cup rice = 3½ cups cooked = approximately 1¾ to 2 cups dried.

Rice Pudding with Raisins and Cinnamon

Serves 1


½ Cup Dried Vanilla-Almond Rice
¼ Cup Raisins
½ tsp Sugar
Pinch Cinnamon (about ¼ tsp)
¾ Cup Water to Rehydrate

Pack raisins in a separate small bag and enclose with rice, sugar and cinnamon.

On the Trail:

Combine all ingredients with water in pot and soak five minutes. Light stove and heat to near boiling. Remove from stove and wait ten minutes before eating.

Fruity Variation:

Substitute a different dried fruit for the raisins, omit the cinnamon and add ¼ cup fruit leather. Try pineapple pieces and peach/apricot fruit leather. Bananas work well also.

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