Strawberry Fruit Leather

This page shows how to make strawberry fruit leather with just strawberries, or in combination with other fruits and berries. See how I pack it for the trail, and how to make fruit leather sandwiches and fruit pudding.

Strawberry Fruit Leather: How to make it, pack it, and use it in trail snacks and desserts.

First things first: Inspect strawberries (and other fruits) to make sure they are mold-free. Wash strawberries under cold water and pat dry with paper towels. A salad spinner works great to wash and dry strawberries.

In part I of the Guide to Dehydrating Strawberries, I set aside the trimmings from the tops and bottoms of strawberries to use in strawberry fruit leather. The center parts of strawberries are what I use to dry in slices. But add whole strawberries if you need more for the leather.

Strawberry Fruit Leather Recipes

Quantities are flexible when you make strawberry fruit leather. For most dehydrators, you want to cut up enough fruit to produce 1–1¼ cups of blended fruit per dehydrator tray. You may add a little fruit juice to the blender to achieve a smooth consistency. If you prefer, substitute honey or a tiny pinch of stevia in place of sugar, or leave out the sweeteners entirely.

Multiply the ingredients in the recipes by the number of fruit leathers you want to make.

Photo below shows trimmed strawberry ends ready to go into the blender.

Strawberry pieces ready to blend into strawberry fruit leather.

Just Strawberry Fruit Leather: 1¼ cups chopped strawberries (265 g), 2 Tbsp. cranberry juice, and ½ Tbsp. fine sugar.

Strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries make a great mixed-berry fruit leather.

Blueberry-Raspberry-Strawberry Fruit Leather: 1¼ cups mixed berries (260 g), 2 Tbsp. cranberry juice, and ½ Tbsp. fine sugar.

Banana-Strawberry Fruit Leather

Banana-Strawberry Fruit Leather: 1¼ cups combined strawberries and bananas (250 g), 2 Tbsp. cranberry juice. Since bananas are very sweet, extra sugar is not needed.

Orange-Strawberry Fruit Leather

Orange-Strawberry Fruit Leather: 1¼ cups combined strawberries and oranges (265 g). Since oranges are both sweet and juicy, there is no need for additional fruit juice or sugar.

Apple-Strawberry Fruit Leather

Apple-Strawberry Fruit Leather: 1¼ cups combined strawberries and apples (250 g), and 2 Tbsp. cranberry or apple juice. No sweeteners needed.

Dehydrating Strawberry Fruit Leather

Spread blended fruit thinly on dehydrator trays covered with nonstick sheets.

Dehydrate at 135°F (57°C). The strawberry fruit leather in the photo below was dry in eight hours.

The easy way to separate dried fruit leather from a nonstick sheet is to flip the leather over and peel away the nonstick sheet as shown in the photo below. If the fruit leather is slightly moist on the bottom, continue drying it directly on the mesh dehydrator trays.

Dehydrating Strawberry Fruit Leather on nonstick sheets. Flip upside down and peel away nonstick sheet.

Photo above: Strawberry fruit leather wet (left), and dried banana-strawberry fruit leather (right).

Mix strawberries with other fruits or berries to make delicious fruit leathers.

Photos above clockwise from top left: Mixed berries, banana-strawberry, orange-strawberry, and apple strawberry.

The photo below (shared by Richard Vanetta) shows blended strawberries spread inside the fruit-roll insert of a Nesco FD-80 dehydrator.

Strawberry Fruit Leather on fruit roll tray of Nesco FD-80 Dehydrator.

Packing Strawberry Fruit Leather

Fruit leather tends to stick to itself if your tear it into pieces for packing. The pressure of vacuum sealing makes it stick even worse. Folding up the fruit leather in baking paper (parchment paper) solves the problem.

Cut a piece of baking paper about three inches wider than the fruit leather.

Packing Fruit Leather with baking paper, step one.

Photo: Mixed-Berry Fruit Leather

Fold the extra paper over first, then continue folding the leather so you end up with four columns folded into one. Then fold in half the other way. You can fit several folded fruit leathers in one quart-size Ziploc bag. For long-term storage, consider using 8-inch wide vacuum seal bags to preserve several leathers.

Packing fruit leather by folding it in baking paper.

Strawberry Fruit Leather Sandwiches

Fruit leather, folded and packed as demonstrated above, is easy to tear into four strips. Enjoy a strip anytime you get hungry on the trail. If you have a moment to linger and want a bigger energy boost, spread some Nutella or peanut butter on one half and fold it over.

Strawberry Fruit Leather Sandwiches

Strawberry Fruit Leather Pudding

Servings: 1


  • 1 sheet of strawberry fruit leather (30 g)
  • ¼ cup dried apples (15 g)
  • ¾ cup water to rehydrate
Strawberry fruit leather torn into pieces before rehydrating into pudding.

On the Trail:

Add dried apples to water in pot and soak five minutes while you tear the fruit leather into smaller pieces. Light stove, and when a boil is reached, turn off the stove and stir in the fruit leather, which will dissolve quickly. The pudding may be rehydrated with cold water with a little more soak time and more spirited stirring.

Rehydrated strawberry fruit leather pudding with apples.

Photo above: Strawberry Fruit Leather Pudding.

Dehydrating Strawberries, Part I.

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